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                • 共軌系統

                  產品介紹:    我公司研發的高壓共軌系統的穩定工作壓力達到2000bar—2200bar,高壓油泵的供油效率達到80%以上,噴油器總成響應時間小于0.4ms,可實現最小噴油量達到0.5mm3,每循環可實現5-6次噴射,可靠性MTBF≥4000小時,二氧化碳排放降低10-15%,燃油消耗降低10-15%,匹配機型涵蓋輕、中、重型柴油機,完全滿足國四及以上排放標準。In this high pressure common rail system, the maximum rail pressure can be 2000-2200bar, and the pump delivery efficiency is more than 80%. The response time of the solenoid on the common rail injector is less than or equal to 0.2ms. The minimum injection volume is 0.5 mm3. This system 5-6 times injection per cycle. The MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) is more than 4000 hours. This system can be used to light, middle and heavy duty diesel engine within National Emission IV and above.